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Business Law Attorney in Arizona

There are various factors that can impact a business, and certain situations may require the assistance of a qualified business law attorney. Whether your company is in its early stages or already established, Desert Valley Law’s local business lawyers are available to assist you with any legal needs your business may have.
With over 15 years of experience, Desert Valley Law has offered legal support to clients dealing with lawsuits, complex business matters, contentious business separations, and commercial litigation.
At Desert Valley Law, our exceptional team of experienced attorneys is ready to provide you with assistance. Reach out to us today!

Legal Business Matters Handled by Our Arizona Firm

Our Glendale team at Desert Valley Law can handle a wide range of business issues, including:

At Desert Valley Law, our corporate and commercial litigation attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to protect your business and its shareholders from any legal challenges. We offer a wide range of services to maximize your chances of success in the courtroom.

  1. Handling commercial disputes
  2. Resolving shareholder and partnership disputes
  3. Protecting intellectual property
  4. Addressing bad faith claims
  5. Resolving contract disputes
  6. Assisting with real estate matters
  7. Handling fraud cases

We understand the importance of your company’s success and will do everything we can to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

If you are considering starting or expanding your business, a qualified attorney can assist you throughout the process. They will answer your questions regarding the necessary qualifications for your business model.

Our business formation lawyers will also help you file the required legal documents promptly, minimizing the risk of delays or rejection.

When it comes to buying or selling a business, an experienced lawyer can simplify the process and minimize stress. Whether you engage a business broker or draft a private agreement, legal expertise is essential.

If a business sale is facilitated by a broker, they will create a purchase agreement on your behalf. An attorney will provide comprehensive guidance to ensure you can sign with confidence.

If you have reached a private agreement, a business law attorney can draft the sale and purchase agreement, ensuring it is favorable and meets the needs of all parties involved.

Business transactions encompass various accounting events involving third-party systems. Some transactions your business may encounter include:

  1. Purchasing insurance
  2. Managing payroll
  3. Applying for loans
  4. Buying or selling inventory
  5. Interacting with investors

Regardless of the size of your company, having legal guidance during these significant transactions is crucial. You want to ensure that you make informed decisions to protect your business and its legal rights. Advantages of Retaining a Business Lawyer vs Hiring In-House

Advantages of Retaining a Business Lawyer vs Hiring In-House

Retaining a business law attorney means choosing a trusted and experienced lawyer, paying a deposit for their services, and expecting them to prioritize your needs when legal assistance is required. On the other hand, hiring an in-house lawyer involves adding them to your payroll, providing benefits, and having them deeply invested in your business strategy and growth.

While an in-house lawyer can provide valuable advice regarding your business model and corporate strategy, they may not possess the expertise required for specialized situations. A lawyer on retainer can offer expert guidance in areas such as litigation, sales, purchases, business transactions, and business formation.

Another significant benefit of retaining a business law attorney is their investment in client relationships. They will understand the intricacies of your business and work to protect its integrity on your behalf.

Should a Business Entrust All Legal Needs to the Same Firm?

In short, yes. Choosing a single business law firm to handle all your legal matters strengthens your relationship with your legal team and fosters trust between both parties.At Desert Valley Law, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services to address any circumstances your business may face. Schedule your consultation today!

Selecting one business law practice to handle all your legal needs allows for personalized and exceptional legal guidance tailored to your specific requirements. It deepens the understanding and collaboration between you and your legal team.

How to Identify the Right Business Attorney

The ideal business law practice will genuinely care about the success of your company. They will celebrate your growth and provide support during challenges. At Desert Valley Law, we take pleasure in helping our clients turn their dreams into reality.

Our experienced legal team can guide you through any phase of your business, ensuring favorable legal outcomes. Contact us today by phone at 623-300-2179 or via email to learn more about how we can assist you!