Are you Prepared for The Corporate Transparency Act on January 1st, 2024?

20 Des 23
The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is set to usher in a new era of federal business entity law, representing a significant shift in the compliance landscape for business owners and investors throughout the United States.
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Estate Planning Essentials: Understanding Wills and Trusts for Your Family’s Future

16 Nov 23
Estate planning often gets portrayed as a luxury for the wealthy, but the truth is far more inclusive. It's a critical process for everyone, particularly for families navigating the complexities of life. This isn't just about having significant assets; it's about ensuring your family's future is secure. Understanding what estate planning is, particularly the roles of...
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Embracing Fresh Beginnings: Navigating Business Divorce with Positivity and Strategy

11 Oct 23
In the intricate tapestry of business, we often encounter moments of transformation that signify closure and new beginnings. The concept of a "business divorce" encapsulates this duality, where the conclusion of one chapter opens the door to many fresh opportunities.
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Are you considering starting a business in Glendale?

17 Sept 23
Are you considering starting a business in Glendale? The process of business formation can be complex and requires careful attention to legal requirements. At Desert Valley Law, we understand the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when establishing a business.
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Monahan Law Firm Transitions to Desert Valley Law: A New Name Ushering in a Continuation of Exceptional Legal Services

22 Aug 23
In a strategic move to further enhance its brand identity and continue its legacy of providing outstanding legal services, Monahan Law Firm proudly announces its transition to Desert Valley Law. The firm's steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch legal assistance remains unwavering, now under a fresh name that reflects its dedication to serving clients with excellence...
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Secure Your Legacy with Desert Valley Law: Your Trusted Partner in Estate Planning

17 Aug 23
We hope this newsletter finds you well. At Desert Valley Law, we are committed to serving our clients with dedication, integrity, and expertise. In this edition, we will focus on the importance of estate planning and how our firm can assist you in this crucial aspect of your life.
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