Litigation Attorney in Arizona

Litigation refers to the process of resolving legal disputes through the court system. In Arizona, litigation involves the formal legal procedures and strategies used to present and argue a case before a judge or jury. When facing a legal dispute in Arizona, enlisting the assistance of a skilled litigation attorney is crucial.

Business litigation can be a challenging and stressful aspect of running a business. Whether you find yourself defending against a lawsuit or needing to pursue litigation, there are several factors to consider in making well-informed decisions. Having an experienced lawyer with extensive expertise in business litigation is invaluable. They can provide legal guidance that saves you time, money, and unnecessary trouble.

At Desert Valley Law, our knowledgeable Glendale business attorneys offer comprehensive legal services to address all your needs. We understand the complexities of business litigation and are well-equipped to defend businesses or present their cases when necessary. If you anticipate potential litigation, our business law experience will be an invaluable asset.

  • Types of Business Litigation We Handle:
    • Breach of Contract
    • Construction
    • Partnership Disputes and Business Divorce
    • Fraud
    • Real Estate Disputes
    • Business Torts
  • Why It’s Essential to Have an Attorney for Business Litigation
  • Work with an Arizona Business Attorney

Types of Business Litigation We Handle

We handle a diverse range of business litigation matters at Desert Valley Law, and our team of lawyers is well-versed in guiding you through the process, no matter the issue. Our services include:

Breach of Contract:

Contracts are the backbone of business transactions, governing everything from purchases and sales to employment and customer agreements. If one party fails to fulfill their contractual obligations, resulting in a breach, legal action may be necessary. Our experienced contract attorneys can navigate the complexities of breach of contract claims and provide guidance during negotiations or trial preparation.


Construction disputes are common and require specialized knowledge in construction law. Arizona's unique construction landscape, with its high demand and construction boom, necessitates familiarity with legislation and case law specific to the state. Our experienced attorneys can assist with various construction-related issues, such as contract disputes, prompt pay act claims, mechanics liens, and warranty matters.

Partnership Disputes and Business Divorce:

As businesses grow and change, disputes between partners can arise. Having governing documents in place, such as partnership agreements or operating agreements, can help resolve conflicts. Our business lawyers can analyze contractual rights and obligations, review agreements, and provide strategic advice on resolving partnership disputes and navigating business divorces.


Fraudulent actions or breaches of duty by owners, partners, clients, or contract parties can have significant negative impacts on your business and reputation. Fraud is both a criminal offense and a cause for civil litigation. Our attorneys can guide you through fraud-related cases, ensuring your rights are protected and pursuing appropriate compensation for damages.

Real Estate Disputes:

Real estate transactions may require the expertise of a real estate attorney. We can assist with various real estate disputes, including quiet title actions, fraud, misrepresentation, non-disclosure of defects, partition actions, easement disputes, zoning, land use, foreclosure, and disputes with real estate agents. Additionally, we serve as corporate counsel for businesses, providing assistance with residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Business Torts:

Business torts involve civil violations or infringements of rights, such as defamation, fraud, intentional interference with contractual relations, breach of fiduciary duties, or misuse of proprietary information. Our experienced business litigation attorneys can help you understand your options and guide you through the process to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why It's Essential to Have an Attorney for Business Litigation

Engaging the services of a qualified attorney is essential for effective business litigation. Here’s why:

Litigation Can Sink Your Company Without an Attorney

Litigation can be financially devastating for a business, particularly if it is unanticipated. The financial impact and added pressure can jeopardize the success of your business. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side, such as those at Desert Valley Law, can protect your interests and help you navigate the complex litigation landscape.

A Lawyer Can Be More Efficiently and Thoroughly Prepared for Disputes

Business law is intricate and constantly evolving. Staying up to date with new developments and understanding how they impact your case requires expertise. Without an attorney, you may be overwhelmed by the legal complexities and lack the thorough preparation necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to efficiently build a strong case tailored to your specific needs.

A Business Attorney Can Advise You on When a Case Needs to Go to Court

Many business disputes can be resolved outside of court through mediation or arbitration, saving time and money. An experienced business attorney can differentiate between cases that can be settled through alternative methods and those that require litigation. They will offer advice on the best course of action and represent your interests effectively.

Work with an Arizona Business Attorney

A knowledgeable business attorney is an invaluable asset for any business owner. From handling complex litigation to providing legal guidance, an experienced attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of business law. At Desert Valley Law, our skilled business law attorneys are prepared to assist you with your legal matters. Whether you require litigation representation, contract drafting and review, or assistance with incorporating your business, we have the expertise you need. Contact our legal team today at 623-300-2179 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.