About Desert Valley Law

The Desert Valley Law Experience

Our firm was established with a desire to transcend the traditional law firm experience.  In other words, our hope is to serve our clients and their needs differently. Gone are the days of fix and flip and treating clients like commodities. We care about you and your business and want to earn your trust by showing you we love what we do and that is help you with your legal matter.  Desert Valley Law provides comprehensive legal counsel to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. 

With a client-centric approach, we strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, open communication, and exceptional legal representation.

We go beyond treating you as a mere file number. Our objective is to establish strong and trustworthy bonds with every client we serve. Rather than adopting a detached, technical approach to your case, we provide personalized attention to each and every matter we undertake. 

Whatever you hope to accomplish when you hire us, rest assured that we will wholeheartedly devote ourselves to addressing your legal needs.


Desert Valley Law focuses on serving Arizona residents, closely held businesses, and entrepreneurs.  While the firm is a successor to previous firms over the years, Desert Valley Law was developed with a purpose and focus.  We strategically align with small business clients who want to build long-term personal and professional relationships.  If you want a firm that treats you with the care you deserve, then Desert Valley Law was built with you and your business in mind. 

We pride ourselves on listening and creating a strategic solution in your best interest. Desert Valley Law was established to focus its services on those select companies and individuals that value close relationships and endeavor for efficient and cost-effective services.  From incorporation to  business divorce, business succession and estate planning, Desert Valley Law was made to be different.  

When problems arise, we have the resources and team to give your matter the attention it deserves. With this being said, we don’t believe in fighting just to fight.  Since litigation is expensive and can interrupt your personal life or business continuity, we think its best to explore alternatives to litigation.  As Sun Tzu said, “the greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” Of course, we may “walk a mile to avoid a fight, but when one starts, don’t back down an inch.” 

The firm is constantly evolving to remain at the forefront of legal and technological advances to benefit the client and firm.  We don’t subscribe to a rigid one size fits all approach to you and your matter.  Since everyone is created differently, we believe you deserve a holistic perspective and custom plan to accommodate your specific needs.  At the end of the day, you will walk away feeling heard and treated like a person first rather than a commodity with only monetary value.


We are motivated by a belief system that guides what we do and how we serve you:


“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt


“A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and, in order to divert himself, having no love in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest forms of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal. And it all comes from lying - lying to others and to yourself.” Fyodor Dostoevsky


“If its stupid but works, it ain’t stupid.” Murphy’s Laws of Combat


“We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.” Sun Tzu


“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Vince Lombardi

Veteran-owned and Operated

We assure you that this is not a trite sales tactic.

Instead, our firm was established based on the same selfless principles that guide us to serve you and your legal concerns as if they were our own.  Trust and respect are earned not given.  It’s our goal to have our clients know, like, and trust we have your best interest throughout the relationship and you get value out of what you pay us. We recognize and adhere to a strong belief that some of life’s most important lessons are learned through adversity. 

And so our goal is to impact each client’s life by easing the burden on you, your family, or your business and to maximize the benefit to you in uncertain and difficult times. At the end of the day, we forge a partnership with you and establish common goals so we can navigate you through the legal process and achieve your desired outcome.